BKW Farms

Know Your Farmer

Choosing a grain partner isn’t easy but PASTA REA is proud to introduce BKW Farms. Located between Phoenix & Tucson in a small town called Marana, BKW has a rich history in farming beginning in 1939. Their history of environmentally conscience farming practices and quality grain production sets them apart. They hold a USDA Organic Certification, and with that comes a huge commitment to use organic methods to produce their products while protecting the environment.

“By supporting local farmers today, you are helping to ensure that there will be farms and food security in your community tomorrow.”

We are thrilled to have a local provider of organic heritage grains and fresh blue oyster mushrooms. We look forward to seeing what they can offer next.  https://www.bkwazgrown.com/

Expanding our Offerings

PASTA REA has always offered a variety of specialty items to enhance our lineup of traditional fresh pasta, sauces, and entrees which has included pastas and sauce made with local ingredients. We think our organic – heritage grain pasta is delicious and knowing the commitment BKW has made to consistently provide locally produced and organic heritage grains we have decided to offer it to our customers so they may enjoy it as well.

There are many advantages to purchasing food produced locally, including:

Local food supports local families

Local farmers aren’t anonymous and they take their responsibility to the consumer seriously

Local food is an investment in the future


Pasta made with heritage grains is not gluten free but will offer lower gluten content and a large variety of vitamins and minerals. As far as flavor, it is delicious with a slight nutty flavor and great texture able to stand with any hearty sauce or pesto.

Look for a variety of shapes and sizes, vegan and organic egg pastas in the coming weeks produced in small batches on a limited basis until demand increases.

Tradition, Freshness & Uncompromising Flavor

PASTA REA was created to introduce to the public our family recipes and cooking methods passed down from generation to generation. We never intended to change the Italian culinary landscape we just wanted to offer consistently great family style comfort food.

Varieties of Fresh Pasta Rea Pasta

PASTA REA pasta is made using imported machines and brass dies which gives the pasta a rough texture enabling it to hold on to your favorite sauce. Our handmade pastas are rolled cut shaped and cared for in the old traditions, just like my mother taught me. We simmer our sauce, roll our meatballs and layer our lasagna every Thursday for our Saturday markets. Same with our pasta, we do not make it until it is ordered, and we can’t keep enough of our 5-cheese ravioli in stock.

If you have not tried PASTA REA yet you don’t know what you are missing, there is nothing better than to walk into your kitchen and smell that sauce as it simmers on a Sunday afternoon. Connect with us on social media to see what we are making each week and take advantage of our special offers. We would love to hear from you so send a picture of your pasta plate and let us know what you think. Mangia Bene!


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