Buy Fresh Pasta and Homemade Pasta Sauces in Phoenix Buy Fresh Pasta and Homemade Pasta Sauces in Phoenix

“Best Pasta Ever. You can taste it is freshly made and that they use quality ingredients.

The sauces are too die for. Never eating boxed pasta. ever. again!”

Salomae S. in Phoenix Arizona5-Star Review Originally Posted on Facebook

“Simply delicious! Every pasta and sauce I have purchased has been magnificent!”

Caren S. in Phoenix Arizona5-Star Review Originally Posted on Facebook

“Best fresh pasta I have ever eaten! Try it with the homemade sauce and meatballs.”

Lou R. Jr. in Scottsdale Arizona5-Star Review Originally Posted on Facebook

Hands down, the best italian (more specifically, pasta) I have ever had in AZ! I cannot believe how amazing my dinner was tonight… like, you guys NEED a restaurant…. there would be a line out of the door and be a constant hot spot that anyone who loves pasta MUST try and WILL frequent! We bought a large container of the Sunday Gravy Sauce & a pound of fresh Fiore pasta and it was to die for! Less than $30 and I fed a GOURMET meal to 4 adults WITH leftovers! I am just floored by the pure goodness that has come from a random buy at a Farmers Market! I absolutely cannot say enough great things about your pasta and sauces (we tried the lasagna and alfredo at the market too). 

You have an incredibly amazing talent for making heaven on a fork! The world NEEDS your food! I will be a customer FOR LIFE! 

Thank you for an amazing dinner, in my own home, that was that of a 5 star restaurant! See you next weekend at the Market! 

Laci H.

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Pre-Order Your Fresh Pasta & Homemade Sauce Pickups Weekly

Pre-order your Pasta Rea fresh pasta and sauce for pick-up at the Uptown Farmers Market, Old Town Scottsdale Market or at our facility.
 Pre-payment by credit or debit card is required. 

Call (602) 485-9924

by noon on Thursday just prior to Saturday market

Welcome to PASTA REA offering full-service Italian catering, wholesale pastas and Italian specialties. Established in 2016 PASTA REA has become Phoenix’s first choice for Italian catering for weddings, corporate and special events. All our menu items are made fresh when ordered using only the finest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. No matter if your guest list is large or small or your plans are simple or elegant PASTA REA’s cuisine will make any event a memorable event.

Full-service Italian food catering for every occasion

When hosting your wedding reception, planning a corporate event or inviting friends to your new home stress worrying about the quality of the food you ordered, or the reliability of your caterer should not be one of the many items you have to be concerned with. Our team of professionals with years of experience in full-service Italian catering will ensure your event runs smoothly from the first bite of the antipasto to the last bite of the tiramisu. No detail will be overlooked, exceptional high-quality cuisine and unsurpassed customer service are all part of the package.

Our team of culinary professionals work tirelessly when creating menus to ensure the proper balance of ingredients. PASTA REA produces several shapes of pasta extruded using imported brass dyes creating a pasta with rougher edges as opposed to the smooth edge purchased pasta you find on the store shelf. The rough edge allows our homemade sauces stick to the “ribs” of the pasta making every bite delicious. Our chef will select the right sauce for the right shape such as rigatoni with our Sunday Gravy, Gigli pasta with our creamy alfredo and penne pasta in our house made basil pesto. Fresh pasta is just part of the story. We offer 2 styles of menus, La Familia a casual family style Italian catering menu with choices such as lasagna Bolognese, Veal, Beef and Pork meatballs over fresh spaghetti, chicken parmesan or marsala. Viva Italia offers more upscale preparations with imported ingredients, fresh seafood and prime meats parried with freshly made gnocchi, pappardelle in short rib and mushroom ragu and 5 cheese ravioli with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil. Appetizers soups, salads and fresh baked breads can be found on both menus with of course house made desserts.

Italian Food Catering

All that talk about shapes, sizes and sauce may have you a little confused, not to worry again we take care of it all. But it you are interested in learning a little more about our pasta and what may work best for you needs, here is a little information to get you started.

  • Bucatini – This fresh Italian pasta is also known as perciatelli. It’s a lot like spaghetti but there is a hole running through its center.
  • Campanelle – Many people call this pasta gigli. It is cone-shaped with a ruffled edge. Campanelle is perfectly suited for thick sauces that adhere to its unique shape.
  • Cavatappi – You probably know this popular pasta by the more common name of Fusilli. This corkscrew pasta pairs well with a number of sauces and offers a festive presentation perfect for any party.
  • Conchiglie – This fresh pasta is known colloquially as shells. You can pair this fresh pasta with a number of sauces or add it to a salad. Either way, it is wonderful.
  • Fettuccine – These flat, thick noodles are a traditional favorite. This Italian word means “little ribbons,” which is very interesting.
  • Fiori – This pasta has nothing to do with the celebrity from the popular television show. This Italian word means “flowers” and it’s a fun pasta that children love.
  • Gemelli – This S-shaped spiral fresh pasta is an Italian favorite. Gemelli pasta is great in a variety of traditional Italian dishes and salads.
Best pasta noodle shape variety available each week for purchase at the Phoenix Uptown Farmers Market
  • Pappardelle – This fresh Italian pasta is like a very wide fettuccine, about 2 or 3 centimeters wide. The word pappardelle means “to gobble up” which makes sense because you can’t stop eating this pasta when it’s paired with a bolognese sauce.
  • Mostaccioli – You may know this pasta by the name penne. This tube pasta has diagonally cut ends and a smooth surface.
  • Small Rigatoni – This is yet another tube-shaped Italian pasta. Larger than ziti, it is also slightly curved making for a festive option that pairs with any sauce.
  • Large Rigatoni – This tube pasta has ridges, creating a surface area that makes succulent sauce cling to the grooves. The ends are square cut. This Italian fresh pasta pairs well with chunky sauces that make you wish you had two stomachs.
  • Tagliatelle – This traditional Italian fresh pasta is a wide ribbon shaped delight.
  • Gluten free pasta – Just because you have a gluten intolerance doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Italian cuisine. Our gluten free pasta is made from rice flour, potato flour, and other natural ingredients to ensure you feel great after eating our wonderful Italian catering.

Italian Food Catering

Italian catering is perfect for any occasion and we have a menu or style of service for any event.

Weddings: Speak the language of love with PASTA REA’s sauces, and fresh pastas. Today’s bride is a foodie, todays bride wants locally soured ingredients custom created menus and likes her guests to interact with PASTA REA’s chef at our food and beverage stations. We will create a signature Italian Catering menu so our bride and her guests will remember her wedding day but also the Italian cuisine you served. Whether your wedding is large or small we will customize and create an Italian food catering menu that will leave your guests raving about the food.

Corporate events: Our corporate clients demand quality food that reinforces their brand image, satisfies and impresses their clients and staff. Our Italian catering is perfect for team building, catered cocktail receptions, new business open houses, employee appreciations, daily meal drops and your annual Holiday Christmas party. Our Italian food catering specialists proudly work with all types of corporations such as elegant retail jewelry stores, real estate agents, custom home builders, banks and medical offices to create the perfect Italian culinary theme that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations offering your guests catered food choices with an emphasis on fresh pasta and our delicious Italian sauces.

Social & Special Event Catering:  Surprise Birthdays, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, are just some of the social catered events that are perfectly suited for Italian catering. We are happy to customize a menu based around the tastes of your guests or guest of honor. Fresh pasta made to order, and our full assortment of Italian specialties are at your disposal. And don’t forget, there is no need to worry about the cleanup, we employ a team of professional bartenders, service captains, servers and utility crew to get the job done. And with over 23 years in the catering industry in Phoenix and the surrounding areas PASTA REA has established an extensive list of allied venders and can assist with rental equipment, floral design, entertainment and transportation allowing you to be a guest at your own event.


Pasta was made to be eaten fresh. The best fresh pasta starts with quality ingredients.

Quality Italian food made with the best ingredients

No one knows better than PASTA REA that when it comes to Italian cuisine, cutting corners and preparing food with subpar ingredients is not an option. Our sauces and fresh made pastas demand fresh ingredients and our clients demand quality. That is why we use only the finest ingredients ensuring our pasta is made in the traditional Italian way with brass dyes, quality milled durum flour, semolina, purified water, organic eggs and vegetables. We don’t use additives of any kind in our pasta. The all-natural ingredients used in our creations enhance the flavor and texture of fresh Italian pasta. Italian’s are passionate about their food demanding quality and consistency, which is why so many discerning people come to us for all their Italian catering needs.

Chef Tony Rea of Pasta Rea Cooking Fresh Pasta at Phoenix Uptown Farmers Market

Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding region

We proudly offer Italian food catering all over the great state of Arizona, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Tuscan and anywhere in between. Don’t settle for imitation Italian catering the chain restaurants offer. You should except nothing less than fresh homemade pasta Italian specialties for your wedding, corporate social or special occasion catering needs.

Phoenix is a large city with 4.7 million residents and there are countless dining options to choose from. We would love to fill all those bellies with our cuisine and impress all their guests with our impeccable customer service standards. Let’s start with you, please consider PASTA REA for all your Italian catering needs. We are known as the Italian catering company in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Be in the know and when asked who I should call for Italian catering, tell them you “know a guy” and send then our way. Casual to elegant, intimate to extravagant, creative and unique we have a menu and catering package perfect for all your Italian catering needs.

Contact us today to find out more about Italian catering

If you truly love Italian cuisine and want to feature it at your next event or special occasion, put your trust in the catering team at Pasta Rea. Chi Mangia Bene, Viva Bene!!

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