Chef Tony Rea of Pasta Rea Presenting Fresh Pasta Cooking Demonstration at the Phoenix Uptown Farmers Market

Fresh Pasta Rea Photos from Phoenix Uptown Farmers Market

This recent blog post welcoming Pasta Rea also includes some cool live action photos of Chef Rea preparing fresh Pasta Rea pasta! Chef Rea recently providing a public cooking demonstration to promote our new line of fresh Pasta Rea pastas and sauces available for purchase in Phoenix at the Uptown Farmers Market every Saturday!

Check out the lovely welcome post Phoenix Uptown Farmers Market wrote up on their blog to welcome Chef Tony Rea and Pasta Rea!

Phoenix Fresh Pasta Brand Pasta Rea Debuts with Chef Tony Rea of Creations in Cuisine Catering

Creations in Cuisine Catering Launches Fresh Pasta and Italian Specialties Brand Pasta Rea to debut at Uptown Farmers Market on January 9, 2016