Phoenix Fresh Pasta Brand Pasta Rea Debuts with Chef Tony Rea of Creations in Cuisine Catering

Creations in Cuisine Catering Launches Pasta Rea

Creations in Cuisine Catering, a top-rated Arizona event catering company, announces the launch of local freshly made pasta and sauces under the brand name, Pasta Rea.  Creations in Cuisine Catering recently purchased a top-of-the-line Italian pasta extruder, the La Monferrina Pasta Maker, which extrudes over 26 different pasta shape of fresh pasta out of pasta dough at a rate of 30-60 pounds per hour!

Pasta Rea will make its debut on January 9, 2016 at the Phoenix Uptown Farmers Market, which was recently designated as “The Best Farmers Market” by the Phoenix New Times and as Arizona’s local flavor contribution to “The Top 50 Farmers Markets in the U.S.” by Cooking Light.

“The opportunity to buy fresh pasta is very limited in the Phoenix metro area,” says Tony Rea, Owner and Executive Chef of Pasta Rea & Creations in Cuisine Catering.

“I grew up eating fresh pasta almost daily and as a professional chef – I have had the desire for years to share its amazing attributes on a larger scale.
I am so pleased that we were able to source the best machine, flour, and ingredients and am quite confident that those who have never experienced cooking and eating fresh pasta will become loyal fans of Pasta Rea.”

Chef Tony ReaOwner and Executive Chef of Pasta ReaCreations in Cuisine Catering

Pasta Rea Will Offer Phoenix a Unique Variety of Fresh Pasta Shapes & Perfectly Paired Pasta Sauces

Pasta Rea will initially offer fresh pasta – fusilli, rigatoni, campanelle, conchiglie, linguine, and tagliatelle at $7 to 9/lb and a fine selection of pasta sauces including pesto, Bolognese, and marinara will be available for purchase. Each of our authentic Italian homemade sauces are made to perfectly complement each of the unique pasta shapes available to Phoenix local pasta lovers for purchase at the Uptown Farmers Market each Satuday.

How to Purchase Your Personal Order of Fresh Pastas and Sauces Each Week from Pasta Rea…