Buy Fresh Pasta and Homemade Pasta Sauces in Phoenix

“Best Pasta Ever. You can taste it is freshly made and that they use quality ingredients.

The sauces are too die for. Never eating boxed pasta. ever. again!”

Salomae S. in Phoenix Arizona
Salomae S. in Phoenix Arizona5-Star Review Originally Posted on Facebook

“Simply delicious! Every pasta and sauce I have purchased has been magnificent!”

 Caren S. in Phoenix Arizona
Caren S. in Phoenix Arizona5-Star Review Originally Posted on Facebook

“Best fresh pasta I have ever eaten! Try it with the homemade sauce and meatballs.”

Lou R. Jr. in Scottsdale Arizona
Lou R. Jr. in Scottsdale Arizona5-Star Review Originally Posted on Facebook

Hands down, the best italian (more specifically, pasta) I have ever had in AZ! I cannot believe how amazing my dinner was tonight… like, you guys NEED a restaurant…. there would be a line out of the door and be a constant hot spot that anyone who loves pasta MUST try and WILL frequent! We bought a large container of the Sunday Gravy Sauce & a pound of fresh Fiore pasta and it was to die for! Less than $30 and I fed a GOURMET meal to 4 adults WITH leftovers! I am just floored by the pure goodness that has come from a random buy at a Farmers Market! I absolutely cannot say enough great things about your pasta and sauces (we tried the lasagna and alfredo at the market too). 

You have an incredibly amazing talent for making heaven on a fork! The world NEEDS your food! I will be a customer FOR LIFE! 😍

Thank you for an amazing dinner, in my own home, that was that of a 5 star restaurant! See you next weekend at the Market! 

Laci H.

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Our product at Tempe Farmers Market. Get your pasta fix any time of day!Open 8am to 11pm every day. #tempefarmersmarket #pastalove #freshpasta
So excited to have our Pasta Rea fresh pastas and sauces available at the Tempe Farmers Market starting tomorrow!  Now in addition to our Saturday markets you can purchase it throughout the week. #tempefarmersmarket #pastalove
Casarecce pasta, seared scallops and garlic shrimp in saffron lobster broth garnished with crisp Brussels sprout leaves. #uptownmarketaz #pastalove #brusselsprouts
Our "Pasta dress" for the NACE Fashion for a Cause event. Notice the pasta detail. It was a hit!
#pastalove #fashion
Sunday Gravy, one of our most popular sauces. We'll have it at the Uptown Farmers Market tomorrow. Read the story behind Sunday Gravy at #pastalove #sundaygravy #uptownmarketaz
We're approaching Fall and our roasted beet pasta just exudes Fall!  #pastalove #roastedbeets
Macaroni, spicy sausage, Parmesan cream, and roasted tomato sauce. A true Italian classic! #pastalove #uptownmarketaz #macaroni
Chef enjoying prosciutto from his cousin's cellar in Gorga,Italy. #italy #prosciutto
Chef's summer pasta. Fresh fiore with creamy summer peas and Parmesan. #uptownmarketaz #pastalove
Saffron fiori pasta with garlic roasted purple carrots. Perfect summer pasta!
#oldtownscottsdalefarmersmarket #pastalove #uptownmarketaz #freshpasta

Pre-Order a Pasta Rea Pickup!

Pre-Order Your Fresh Pasta & Homemade Sauce Pickups Weekly

Pre-order your Pasta Rea fresh pasta and sauce for pick-up at the Uptown Farmers Market and Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market.
 Pre-payment by credit or debit card is required. 

Call (602) 485-9924

by noon on Thursday just prior to Saturday market